Medical Notes this week…

Telehealth is taking off in the United States. A study into insurance codes by the organization FAIR Health shows that in April… claim lines related to telehealth were up more than 8,000 percent compared to April last year. In urban areas, telehealth made up more than 13 percent of all claim lines this April, and nearly nine percent in rural areas, after accounting for less than one tenth of one percent last year.

We heard last week that face masks are, in general, about 65 percent effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19… but according to a study in the Journal of Hospital Infection, some mask materials are better than others. researchers say that vacuum cleaner filters are surprisingly good barriers… cutting risk by 83 percent. Tea towels also scored well, followed by antimicrobial pillowcases. But scientists say a single layer of t-shirt fabric is only slightly better than no mask at all.

And finally… the stereotype of new moms is that they’re forgetful because their attention is drawn mostly to their child. But a new study shows that the “mommy brain” stereotype is wrong. if anything, moms do better at focusing than women who don’t have children. The study in the journal Current Psychology tested women who were a year postpartum against non-mothers…and found that moms were, in fact, less distracted by outside stimuli than women who’d never been pregnant or had a child.

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