Fluoride in community drinking water has been controversial since its introduction nearly 75 years ago. A new study adds to this with evidence that pregnant women who drink fluoridated water may produce children with slightly lowered IQ. The study author and two other experts discuss what’s known and what the ramifications of the study could be for communities, for oral health, and for children.


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One thought on “Does Prenatal Fluoride Lower IQ?

  1. Dr. Till says it succinctly when she says that as a neuropsychologist she is more concerned with brains than teeth. When Dr. Seymour, a dentist, says if you are concerned about brains you can buy bottled water but advises we should keep fluoridating because it is good for teeth and it is cost prohibitive for some to buy bottled water – she is out to lunch.

    Buy fluoridated water if you want it, but don’t mandate that those of us with medical conditions that are worsened by fluoridated water as well as pregnant women and mothers of bottle-fed babies have to move heaven and earth to avoid this poison while lugging gallons of bottled water every week. Some of my story that includes my pregnancy is included here: http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/SalemState2016.09.07.pdf


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