Medical notes this week…

A blood test for early alzheimer’s disease could be just a few years away. a study in the journal “Neurology” shows that an experimental blood test, combined with consideration of a few risk factors, is 94 percent effective in spotting early alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the test appears to be even more accurate than today’s gold standard early warning test, the pet scan… And it’s also much faster and less expensive. since there are few good treatments for early alzheimer’s, the first use of the test could be picking out the best subjects for clinical trials of new treatments. 

What makes a murderer? It could be less gray matter in the brain. a study of more than 800 incarcerated men in the journal “Brain Imaging and Behavior” shows that the brains of murderers and attempted murderers are different from other criminals—even those convicted of violent crimes. researchers say the brains of murderers had notably fewer cells and neurons in areas controlling empathy, morality and behavior. 

And finally…hot tub owners may have the secret to a good night’s sleep. A study in the journal “Sleep Medicine Reviews” shows that taking a bath an hour or two before bedtime in water between 104 and 109 degrees can significantly improve your sleep. Researchers say a hot bath aids the body’s natural circadian rhythms… increasing their chances of not only falling asleep quickly, but also of experiencing better quality sleep. 

And that’s medical notes this week…

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