Medical notes this week…

If you’re feeling burned out at work, it’s not quite as likely to be dismissed anymore. The World Health Organization now says burnout is a legitimate medical diagnosis. However, it’s only job-related stress that applies, so you can’t be burned out on anything else. And you have to meet a few criteria—exhaustion, increased mental distance from your job or cynicism about it, and reduced effectiveness on the job. Experts say you might feel better about getting a diagnosis, but now it may also show up in your permanent medical record

During the summer, women often complain that office temperatures are set too cold for comfort, and a new study shows it’s not just an idle complaint. Now they have some ammunition in the thermostat war. A study in the journal PLOS One finds that when air temperatures are raised from the upper 60’s into the 70’s, women’s performance on cognitive tests increases by about 15 percent. However, men’s performance drops by about three percent as temperatures rise. 

And finally, a new study shows it’s possible to be too passionate about your job. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that if you’re too passionate, co-workers are more likely to think it’s okay to exploit you. Bosses are more likely to ask you to work on a weekend, to work unpaid, or handle tasks unrelated to your job description.

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