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A woman who suffered abuse as a child describes the mental health benefits of owning a dog, and an expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act discusses requirements for emotional support animals.


  • Julie Barton, author, Dog Medicine: The Unbreakable Bond Between One Woman and the Dog That Saved Her Life
  • Vinh Nguyen, Project Director, Southwest ADA Center at Tirr Memorial Hermann, Houston

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One thought on “18-46 Segment 2: Emotional Support Animals

  1. Because I am blind, I would qualify for a service animal, that can lead me around and help me navigate. But that when it comes to emotional support animals, it can be very tricky. But what if you have a disability such is blindness, and you also have autism? Or, what if you are blind and you also have epilepsy? I don’t know enough about emotional support animals to say whether their covered by the ADA or not. I can only talk about people like myself that have one or more disabilities why we need a service dog, because were either blind and/or we have autism, and or we have epilepsy, and or we have high anxiety. Another words just for emotional support, I can’t speak on that, because I don’t just fall under that criteria alone.

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