People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder often can’t face their trauma, which is necessary for psychotherapy to work. It is a big reason PTSD is so difficult to treat. Scientists are leading clinical trials into the use of the banned drug MDMA in connection with therapy to help break this hurdle, and the results so far have been outstanding in curing PTSD.


  • Dr. Michael Mithoefer, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina and Medical Director, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation clinical trials
  • Charlotte Harrison, Senior Clinical Research Associate, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation

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One thought on “18-45 Segment 1: MDMA for PTSD

  1. I want to think the producer of this particular segment for emailing me this, because I think I want to point out one thing. It’s not just veterans, who have PTSD. I’m not a veteran. But I insist that I have PTSD, because I went to a state institution run by the state of California for blind children. I was emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused by staff there, for being obese and for having other disabilities besides my blindness. I retaliated so much so that I’m banned from there thank God. As long as people don’t make comments about me or get on my case about things that remind me of that place, my PTSD could be easily cured. But I’m afraid for veterans, they may need something like MDMA.

    Rick Hodgkin’s.

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