Medical Notes this week…

If excessive sweating is taking a toll on your social life, you’re not alone. An estimated 15 million Americans have some form of this condition and only one in four get treatment, often with Botox. But that could all change this fall. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Qbrexza, a drug-infused cloth meant to be wiped over the skin each day to block sweat glands from activating. Researchers say 53 percent of patients report the drug reduces sweat production by roughly half.

Regulators know marijuana for its abuse potential and safety questions but now there’s an FDA-approved drug derived from marijuana. The drug Epidiolex has been approved to treat two rare, severe forms of childhood epilepsy which can prompt uncontrolled daily seizures. The disorder puts patients at high risk for other physical and intellectual disabilities, injury and early death. The oral pot solution contains cannabidiol, a chemical in the cannabis plant containing only trace amounts of the psychoactive element thc, the drug does not induce euphoria.

And finally, having the same doctor for awhile can extend your life. A study published in the journal BMJ Open shows that contact with the same physician over an average of two years results in fewer deaths as a result of better communication. Researchers continuity of care should be given a higher priority in healthcare planning because it benefits everyone, not just patients with chronic illnesses, complex needs, or long-term mental health issues.

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