trigeminal neuralgia


A searing, stabbing pain on one side of the face can be so severe it’s sometimes called “the suicide disease,” and may evade diagnosis for some time. The cause of trigeminal neuralgia is often a throbbing artery in contact with nerves at the base of the brain, and while treatment can be difficult it is often ultimately successful. Two experts discuss diagnosis and treatment.  


  • Dr. Mark McLaughlin, Princeton Brain and Spine, Princeton, NJ
  • Dr. Jeffrey Brown, neurosurgeon, NYU Winthrop Hospital and Director of Medical Board, TNA Facial Pain Organization

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One thought on “18-31 Segment 2: Trigeminal Neuralgia-Searing Pain in the Face

  1. I had trigeminal neuralgia for about four years until I had microvascular decompression surgery ever since then I have had back of the head pain and shooting eye pain now for about 2 years. I have been offered several procedures but insurance says it is all experimental. My first pain doctor said since he could not trigger it, he did not think I had occipital neuralgia but my neurosurgeon now said it is. I have been on antiseizure medication for six years as high as 1200 mg. It makes me so tired. Insurance will pay for Botox so that is what we will try but I guess I don’t know how that will help my eye pain


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