17-05 Segment 1: Autism in Girls

Doctors are learning that autism shows up differently in girls’ behavior as a result of brain differences. This leaves many girls with autism undiagnosed.

17-05 Segment 2: Power Naps at Work

Most employers believe the workplace is no place to nap, but research links a short nap in the middle of the day to increased productivity.

3d render of a unpowered human exoskeleton

17-04 Segment 1: Exoskeletons: Enabling Paraplegics To Walk Again

Motorized, computer-controlled braces are making the concept of the bionic human into reality. Experts discuss how these exoskeletons work and how they may be used in the future.

Medical beds with patients in the ward at the hospital

17-04 Segment 2: Public Hospitals

Public hospitals have a poor reputation, but in some fields, especially trauma, they are often among the best hospitals in the US.

man making joint and a stash of marijuana in the car

17-03 Segment 1: Stoned Driving: How can police tell?

With recreational marijuana use legal in eight states there are more drivers on the road who are potentially under the influence of marijuana but police have no way to measure it.

at female prison - nurse measures prisoners blood pressure

17-03 Segment 2: Poor Health and Prison

Researchers have found that poor health and disabilities can be factors leading to prison. An expert discusses the life cycles that can make this occur.

Woman with anorexia being on restricted diet

17-02 Segment 1: Eating Disorders in Adults

Over the last decade, the number of women over age 30 seeking treatment for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder has skyrocketed.

Hands of an man with Dupuytren contracture disease against bright background

17-02 Segment 2: Dupuytren disease and Disabled Hands

Dupuytren disease is the most common disorder crippling hands that most people have never heard of, and it stubbornly resists treatment.

All for the treatment of the patient

17-01 Segment 1: Reengineering the ICU

Hospital intensive care units appear to be a model of high tech, but systems engineers say ICU’s are actually models of inefficiency.

medical team meeting with senior couple in hospital room

17-01 Segment 2: Reversing the Shortage in Primary Care Doctors

The shortage in primary care doctors is getting worse. We talk to Dr. Elizabeth Baxley about how to keep medical students in primary care.