Little girl in the process with paints at the table

16-52 Segment 1: “Twice Exceptional” Children

Many people feel that gifted children don't need any help because they're talented, but some have disabilities that are not identified because they are masked by their gifts.

16-52 Segment 2: Beat Deafness

Some people simply have no rhythm. A small percentage may be "beat deaf," the rhythmic equivalent of tone deafness.

Health Insurance Protection Risk Assessment Assurance Concept

16-51 Segment 1: Healthcare Under Trump: What To Expect

Experts discuss what kind of healthcare reform to expect from the incoming Trump Administration.

Female teacher reprimanding a female student

16-51 Segment 2: Affluenza

Some young people have escaped jail by claiming “affluenza:” their wealthy parents instilled no moral compass, so they believed they could do anything without consequence.

man showing his personality in many different faces

16-50 Segment 1: Drug Abuse and Personality

New science has discovered that certain personality types are predictably predisposed to addiction risk, and that educational efforts can be targeted to them effectively.

16-50 Segment 2: God and Genome

Experts discuss a new platform where scientists and public can debate genetic science, and from which education can be disseminated.

elderly husband and wife using digital tablet at home

16-49 Segment 1: How Income Affects Life Expectancy

Average life expectancy in the US is increasing, but among lower income people it is not, and the lifespan gap between rich and poor is increasing.

female doctor examinating teen boy

16-49 Segment 2: How Kids Can Take Control of Chronic Disease

Children with chronic diseases often have a tough time transitioning from pediatric care to adult care, which has to be managed by the patient.