woman in deep depression lying alone

16-48 Segment 1: Inflammation and Depression

Inflammation, which is part of many illnesses and infections, has been found in brain cells and is being implicated as a cause of depression.

young woman with overweight sharing her problem with psychologist

16-48 Segment 2: The Psychology of Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who have bariatric surgery stand to lose not only lots of weight but often an identity which changes many of their relationships.

16-47 Segment 1: Restoring Doctors’ Compassion

A new movement in medicine seeks to put compassion back in medicine.

16-47 Segment 2: PBC: Liver Autoimmune Disease

A variety of liver diseases may cause test results that mimic alcohol-related cirrhosis. One, known as PBC, is the second largest reason for liver transplants in women.

a man in a autonomous driving test vehicle

16-46 Segment 1: The Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are being developed more rapidly than most experts thought possible. But even if they’re technically possible, can we be assured of their safety?

woman with her dog receiving emotional support

16-46 Segment 2: Emotional Support Animals

We discuss the mental health benefits of owning a dog, and the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for emotional support animals.

16-45 Segment 1: High Risk Organ Donors

High risk organ donations and even organs carrying diseases that never would have been acceptable before are now able to be used if recipients accept them.

16-45 Segment 1: Yawning

Virtually all animals with a backbone yawn, but scientists don’t know what purpose it serves or why yawns are so contagious.