lupus - medicine concept on blue background with blurred text and composition of specs. lupus - medicine concept with blurred text and eyeglasses on blue background. selective focus. 3d rendering.

16-44 Segment 1: Lupus and the Skin

A minority of patients have lupus only on the skin, and while this is not life threatening, it can still be psychologically devastating.

high school football players line up

16-44 Segment 2: Concussions and Camaraderie

A well known sportswriter and parent shares the red flags he saw as well as the benefits of playing youth football.

a doctor gives a vaccination to a child

16-43 Segment 1: Vaccination Refusal

A new survey shows more pediatricians are experiencing vaccination refusal, and while the reasons are evolving, they still often result from misinformation.

frightened hispanic family sitting on sofa and watching tv

16-43 Segment 2: The Benefits of Fear

During the Halloween season, many people seek out frightening experiences. This controlled fear has a psychological and developmental purpose, as an expert explains.

depositing pipette reagent in a 96 well plate

16-42 Segment 1: DTC Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is now available to consumers to satisfy a variety of desires, however, risks come with what doctors say is incomplete knowledge.

homeless man sitting on the chair

16-42 Segment 2: Brain Injury and Homelessness

Research shows many homeless men have suffered a traumatic brain injury, raising the possibility that TBIs may cause behaviors directly leading to homelessness.

16-41 Segment 1: Adoption Psychology

People who are adopted have more psychological problems than others, yet they also tend to have other psychological strengths.

16-41 Segment 2: Tickling

Tickling is a unique application of the sense of touch that surprisingly has developmental and cultural importance.

police officers at work

16-40 Segment 1: Police Response and the Mentally Ill

Specially trained crisis intervention teams have spread around the country to prevent deaths, injuries, and unneccessary incarceration.

hansen's disease,closeup hands of old man suffering from leprosy, amputated hands

16-40 Segment 2: Leprosy

We hear little about leprosy today, but it still exists, and because it’s now treatable, often the stigma is worse than the disease.