16-35 Segment 1: SCAD: The under-the-radar heart attack

Experts discuss heart attacks, known as SCAD, that are caused by arteries splitting open rather than blockages.

16-35 Segment 2: The Haitian Cholera Coverup

Experts discuss how a cholera epidemic in Haiti is linked to UN peacekeeping groups and lessons for future disaster recovery.

doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. obesity and weight loss.

16-34 Segment 1: Doctors’ Obesity Bias

Studies show that doctors are as biased as the rest of us against people who are overweight, resulting in lectures, misdiagnoses, and patients who avoid the doctor.

funny colorful socks

16-34 Segment 2: Miscommunication & Color Energy

Scott Schwefel, author of Discover Yourself discusses an innovative way to classify communication styles to avoid miscommunication and conflict.

cheeky preschool child with golden crown on head folding arms and sticking out tongue

16-33 Segment 1: Rethinking Parenting

Author Alfie Kohn discusses why conventional wisdom about raising kids is often all wrong.

16-33 Segment 2: Little People and the Prospect of Cure

Experts, all little people themselves, discuss major causes of dwarfism and the prospect of treatments that could one day make little people much more rare.

woman hand giving glass of fresh water to child in the park,vintage color filter

16-32 Segment 1: Drinking Water Safety

Experts explain the danger of lead, especially to children, and other chemicals that may be in drinking water.

woman touching painful varicose veins on a leg

16-32 Segment 2: Varicose Veins

An expert physician explains what varicose veins are and new treatments that simplify getting rid of them.