kidney stones in kids

16-26 Segment 1: Kids’ Kidney Stones

Experts discuss why the risk of kidney stones in kids is rising, why doctors still sometimes miss the diagnosis, and how kidney stones are treated in children.


16-26 Segment 2: The Pros and Cons of Gluten-Free

One expert explains which kinds of people would find the gluten-free diet appropriate and the pitfalls to avoid.

16-25 Segment 1: Waking Up In The Future

It's rare for people to lose their memory of past events. An expert discusses why doctors believe it occurs, and a woman to whom it happened recounts her experience.

16-25 Segment 2: Living Through Pain

A noted university professor who became a quadriplegic in a bicycle accident discusses her constant pain and the way it changes life.

16-24 Segment 1: Doctor Suicide

Experts discuss the coverup of doctor suicides, the reasons behind depression in doctors, and why doctors who are depressed are less likely than normal to get help.

16-24 Segment 2: Enhancing Food Safety

An expert discusses why food contamination scares are becoming more common, what producers are doing to protect us, and what we can do in our own kitchens to make foods safer.

16-23 Segment 1: Big Data in Medicine

When doctors can take advantage of massive amounts of data on patient outcomes, lives will be saved. We look at one of the first efforts, an attempt to associate dangerous drug interactions.

16-23 Segment 2: Kidney Transplant Sensitivity

Experts explain a new desensitization technique that may help people who need a kidney transplant and kidney exchanges that make more patients eligible for transplants.