Child being bullied

16-22 Segment 1: Bullying Kids with Special Needs

Kids with disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of bullying. Experts discuss the problem and how to prevent bullying of these children.

Happy Woman

16-22 Segment 2: Hardwiring Happiness

An expert neurologist discusses changes in thinking that can create more positive physical brain pathways, making us happier.

16-21 Segment 1: Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia can be extremely serious but are treatable. However, many must fight the legacy of more primitive treatment, such as HIV and hepatitis C.

16-21 Segment 2: Bladder Cancer

The newly appointed director of the world's only research center devoted exclusively to bladder cancer discusses risks and treatments.

16-20 Segment 1: Homeless Medical Care

Experts discuss how doctors on the street can improve health for the homeless and lower cost for society.

16-20 Segment 2: Baseball Pitchers: Injuries Waiting to Happen

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports explains the science of pitching injuries.

16-19 Segment 1: Egg Freezing

Freezing eggs in their 30's allows women to preserve fertility well into their 40's. Experts discuss the procedure and its uses.

16-19 Segment 2: Autism and Prodigies

Experts discuss links between prodigies and some people with autism and their implications for autism treatment.

16-18 Segment 1: Presenteeism

Experts discuss the huge cost of presenteeism on the economy and the accommodations that could save businesses billions of dollars.

16-18 Segment 2: Dealing With The Empty Nest

A psychotherapist discusses common reactions and strategies for renewing purpose living in the empty nest.