16-17 Segment 1: Using Animals To Sniff Out Disease

Experts discuss the use of animals to diagnose disease and their efforts to build machines that can do the same thing.

16-17 Segment 2: Curing Sinusitis

Many people confuse allergies, colds, and sinus infections. A physician describes the differences, and the new ways sinusitis can be treated.

16-16 Segment 1: Direct to Consumer Drug Advertising

Experts discuss the pro's and cons of direct to consumer advertising and its effect on patients and physicians.

16-16 Segment 2: The Powerful Influence of Friends

An expert discusses the many ways friends determine our destinies.

16-15 Segment 1: Drug Shortages

Experts explain why drug shortages occur, the unfortunate outcomes, and what they do to try to minimize the damage.

16-15 Segment 2: Ménière’s Disease

Experts discuss symptoms and treatments of Meniere's disease, an often misdiagnosed disorder producing loss of hearing and crippling vertigo.

16-14 Segment 1: Should We Shorten Medical Training?

  Synopsis: In an age of increasing medical complexity, some leading thinkers in medical education are proposing that the time spent on medical education be cut by nearly one third. The key, these advocates say, is ridding curricula of requirements that most doctors never use. Experts discuss both sides of the issue. Host: Reed Pence. … Continue reading 16-14 Segment 1: Should We Shorten Medical Training?

16-14 Segment 2: Contextual Care

Studies have found that many doctors don't really listen to their patients, and so miss how illness is affected by the other things in life.