16-13 Segment 1: Biofilm

Biofilm is resistant to many antibiotics and is gaining new attention as a source of hard to eradicate infections.

16-13 Segment 2: OTC Drugs and Tweens

Experts discuss how to educate tweens on taking OTC drugs safely.

16-12 Segment 1: Incidental Genetic Findings

Genetic testing has become a widespread reality in the past five years, but doctors are struggling with what many genetic findings really mean.

16-12 Segment 2: The High Health Cost of Sugar

One expert describes why he believes sugar is to blame for the obesity epidemic, and changes in the market and advisories that made sugar a larger part of our diets.

16-11 Segment 2: Keeping Secrets From Your Doctor

Experts discuss the most common reasons for secret-keeping and the consequences that may result.

16-11 Segment 1: Adventures of a Paramedic

A former paramedic describes the "inside story" of the job, its dangers and rewards.

16-10 Segment 1: Concierge Medicine in Primary Care

In response to "factory medicine" some doctors are moving to a "concierge medicine" practice where patients receive more personal care for higher fees.

16-10 Segment 2: Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome strikes people at night, creating some of the worst sleep conditions known by any patients. Experts discuss identifying and treating the syndrome.