16-09 Segment 1: The Bystander Effect

Experts discuss why this effect occurs and how it can be broken by technology.

16-09 Segment 2: The Psychology of Egg Donation

An author and journalist who has donated twice with vastly different results discusses the technology and what to look out for when approaching egg donation.

16-08 Segment 1: Zika Virus

Mosquito-transmitted Zika virus has arrived in Central and South America, and while most people are not affected by it, the virus has been linked to microcephaly, a severe birth defect. Experts discuss the virus, how it's transmitted, its spread to the US, and how to protect yourself from it.

16-08 Segment 2: Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease affects millions of Americans, many of whom have not been diagnosed. Experts discuss symptoms, causes, and treatments.

16-07 Segment 1: Industry Funding of Clinical Trials

Funding of trials has dramatically shifted so that today, trials paid for by pharmaceutical and device makers outnumber publically funded trials 6-to-1. Some studies indicate this makes bias in trials more likely.

16-07 Segment 2: Fixing the Healthcare Cost Spiral

American healthcare is the most expensive in the world. An expert author details some of the causes and possible solutions now being established.

16-06 Segment 1: New Findings on Stuttering

New research on stuttering has several new findings including a much more successful way to treat it.

16-06 Segment 2: Double Dipping and the Five Second Rule

Party snacks are prime territory for contamination. A scientist discusses the myth of the five second rule.