16-05 Segment 1: Silent Heart Attack

Heart attacks that produce few if any symptoms can be more serious than those that bring crushing pain because they often don't bring a victim to the hospital for lifesaving help.

16-05 Segment 2: Harmful Inflammation

Inflammation is being tied to many disorders including heart disease. Experts discuss how it can be combatted through diet and supplementation.

16-04 Segment 1: ICU PTSD

A surprisingly high percentage of people who've been treated in the ICU later suffer from PTSD. Experts discuss why this occurs and what's being done to treat and prevent it.

16-04 Segment 2: Silent Reflux

An expert discusses telltale symptoms of silent reflux and the dietary triggers that can cause the disorder.

16-03 Segment 1: Gene Editing

Scientists have developed the technology to edit single genes, which could eliminate some inherited diseases.

16-03 Segment 2: Lactivism

An expert and author discuss the political forces creating unusual unanimity behind breast feeding, and the truth of health claims on the benefits.

16-02 Segment 1: Violence against healthcare workers

Experts discuss why attacks on health care workers occur and what can be done to prevent attacks in the future.

16-02 Segment 2: Ankle Replacement

Hip and knee replacements are common, now doctors say ankle replacements have become technically good enough to make fusion obsolete for arthritis patients.

16-01 Segment 1: How weather causes pain

Experts discuss conditions affected by weather, why pain responds to weather changes and possible remedies.

16-01 Segment 2: Toxic chemicals in products

A expert discusses how the US might regulate potentially toxic chemicals better, and how regulations in other countries could help keep Americans safer.