15-04 Story 1: HPV

  Synopsis: Human papilloma viruses are responsible for many cancers, especially cervical cancer and throat cancer. Vaccines exist for the major HPV's that cause these cancers, yet relatively few eligible youths have gotten them. Experts discuss the toll of HPV and the reasons so many people avoid both vaccination and Pap tests that can detect … Continue reading 15-04 Story 1: HPV

15-04 Story 2: Music Thanatology

  Synopsis: Music thanatology is a specialized practice of playing harp music for the dying. A practitioner of the art explains how there is also science to it as well. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Betsy Haraf, family member who witnessed thanatology vigil. Tony Pederson, certified music thanatologist, Midwest Palliative and Hospice Care Center, Northbrook, IL … Continue reading 15-04 Story 2: Music Thanatology

15-03 Story 1: Moral Injury

  Synopsis: The military is beginning to recognize a new category of emotional and spiritual injury in war--moral injury, a result of committing or witnessing an event such as an atrocity that violate deeply held ethical beliefs. Experts discuss evolution of the concept, how moral injury occurs, and what psychologists are doing to prevent and … Continue reading 15-03 Story 1: Moral Injury

15-03 Story 2: Making and Breaking Habits

  Synopsis: The new year is a time for people to stop bad habits and start new, good routines. An expert discusses the psychology of habits and how people can be more successful in changing their lives for the better. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Jeremy Dean, psychologist and author, Making Habits, Breaking Habits Links for more … Continue reading 15-03 Story 2: Making and Breaking Habits

15-02 Story 1: Performer’s Injuries

  Synopsis: Professional musicians often suffer from repetitive motion injuries, while dancers suffer athletic injuries. Both often "play hurt," in part due to fear of losing position or income, or because they are more likely than most professions to have no health insurance. Experts discuss ways performers are recognizing the problem and seeking to treat … Continue reading 15-02 Story 1: Performer’s Injuries

15-02 Story 2: Failure to Launch

  Synopsis: It's much more common today for 20-somethings to delay moving out of Mom and Dad's house to start an independent  life. An expert discusses the reasons for this trend, and emerging thought on whether this apparent new stage of life is normal. Host: Nancy Benson. Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Professor of Research … Continue reading 15-02 Story 2: Failure to Launch

15-01 Story 1: Sharks in suits

  Synopsis: Almost everyone is victimized at some point by a cutthroat co-worker who lies with ease and feels no remorse. These people may be "almost psychopaths," people with psychopathic characteristics too subtle to be diagnosed. Two experts explain how these people operate and how the rest of us can avoid being played. Host: Reed … Continue reading 15-01 Story 1: Sharks in suits

15-01 Story 2: Heart failure

Synopsis: Heart failure is a major source of death and disability. Experts discuss causes, consequences and new treatments that may greatly lessen its toll. Host: Nancy Benson. Guests: Dr. Deborah Weinstein, Chief Medical Officer, Atlantic Clinical Research Collaborative Dr. William Abraham, Professor of Internal Medicine and Director, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Ohio State University  Heart … Continue reading 15-01 Story 2: Heart failure